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Many features such as live lesson, question bank, test/exam, video education, document sharing within one platform.

What is
Vedubox Tutor?

Vedubox Tutor is specially developed for online tutoring, counselling and coaching. Teachers can share their content of all kinds of documents and videos with students. They can also prepare questions, tests and exams.
You can give private online lessons with your own tutoring system wherever you want. Tutors, instructors who want to teach at home, foreign language instructors, or even music teachers can all use the Online Tutoring System through the web and with mobile devices.


Self-Paced Learning

Vedubox has been developed to allow students to learn at their own pace. Thanks to features such as repeating the course and communicating with the educator when necessary, each student will learn at their own pace.

Live Class

Make live lectures with video call support in Vedubox and save them for later viewing. Thus, students can re-watch the lesson they did not understand or missed.

Content sharing

Share documents, videos and audio recordings with students in the course. Appeal to students with different learning styles with Vedubox’s feature to add documents in different formats. In addition, enjoy the advantages of using an effective e-learning environment, with course content being accessible at any time.


With the Vedubox system, give students exams prepared with different question types during or at the end of the lesson. Check whether students have successfully completed the training with the assessment and evaluation tool.

Reporting and Certification

Make live lectures with video call support in Vedubox and save them for later viewing. Thus, students can re-watch the lesson they did not understand or missed.

Paper and Documentation Savings

Get rid of paper waste by doing training and exams online with Vedubox.

How it works?

The only platform where you can meet all the needs of your educational institution together


Easily Register and your virtual classroom

Upload Content

Upload and share a variety of media such as videos, PDF documents, images.

Create Question

Create your necessary questions for your exams and tests and prepare your exams.

Add Student

Now you can add your students to your virtual classroom and start the lesson.

User Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us now for special plans for you.

You can call us at +90 (850)840 60 59 or send us an e-mail at info@vedubox.com.

Since the system is built on cloud architecture, Vedubox does not need any installation for use. However, if you will use the live training module, you need to install Zoom. You do not need to open a separate Zoom account to use Vedubox.

You can easily download Zoom by selecting the appropriate version for your device here.

Vedubox offers packages compatible with different numbers of users. In this way, you can add ‘as many users as you want to the system with the package you will receive according to the number of users. When you want to increase or decrease the number of users, you can easily make changes to your package. Vedubox Sales team is ready to support you in this regard.


Moreover, you can remove the users whose active usage is completed from the system and add new ones instead. Thus, you do not have to pay for each new user, as long as the number of people in your current package is not full, you can continue to use Vedubox by deleting as many users as you want and adding new ones.

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If your number of users is not fixed every month of the year, your package will be updated according to your monthly user number, if you forward your user number to our sales team before your payment date. With fully customizable Vedubox, you only pay for the features you use and the number of users.

Vedubox Support team is ready to support you with any technical problem. You can call our support line at 0850 840 59 79 throughout the year or you can reach support@vedubox.com by e-mail.

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Tel:  +90 (850) 840 60 59

Tel:  +90 (850) 840 59 79