11 Ways to Make Online Education Easy and Flexible

In today’s world, instructors are offering private lessons in various fields such as foreign languages, yoga, vocational training, and more. Therefore, to stand out among other alternatives, you should provide the best learning environment.

According to research, the global private tutoring market size is projected to reach 201.8 billion dollars by 2026. These figures clearly demonstrate the popularity and significance of private tutoring.

There are various ways to make your online education easy and flexible.

Utilize an Online Learning Platform.

Firstly, utilizing an online learning platform allows you to manage education from a single place. For instance, Vedubox Tutor was specifically designed by ETGİ Group to cater to the needs of private tutors.

Vedubox Tutor is the only 100% cloud-based remote education and lesson management system in Turkey. This tool possesses all the features of Vedubox and enables instructors to conduct private lessons with any Internet-connected device.

Start Lessons Easily

Thanks to platforms like Vedubox Tutor, organizing online classes is possible with just a click. This tool allows instructors to create online lessons in less than a minute.

Easy course management saves time for both students and instructors. Additionally, the platform sends instant notifications to students, reminding them of their lessons.

Organize High-Quality Lessons and Meetings

Experiencing interruptions and technical issues during lessons lowers the student’s motivation. It also distracts students and reduces educational performance.

Organizing interactive live lessons and meetings in HD quality is very easy with a high-quality LMS platform. This enables students to focus on lessons more easily.

Create Video Lessons

Video lessons enhance the quality of education. You can make them more interactive by adding questions to the videos.

Additionally, you can store and present documents in various formats online (.png, .pdf, etc.). For example, they can create digital libraries with their favorite video lessons and exercises.

Support Self-Paced Learning

Vedubox supports students in learning at their own pace. Each student can review lesson materials and communicate with the instructor when needed.

This way, they don’t need to rush or get lost along the learning path. Additionally, you can enrich the lesson materials to cater to each student’s needs and abilities.

Utilize Gamification Technologies

Gamification technologies motivate students and enhance educational efficiency and success. With Vedubox Tutor, instructors can add games to the learning journey to make education more enjoyable.

For instance, students can work towards achieving a goal gradually. You can provide them with various rewards to encourage their progress along the learning journey. Additionally, you can award points for class participation or assignment submissions.

For more information about gamification, please take a look at the relevant article.

Easily Manage Courses

Each instructor becomes an administrator on the platform and can upload course content as they wish. Additionally, they can grant access to specific content to as many users as they desire.

Moreover, Vedubox Tutor allows instructors to report their earnings on a daily or monthly basis and provides easy tracking. When instructors don’t have to spend too much time and effort on these processes, they can focus more on their lessons.

Create Interactive Learning Paths

Each student has different learning skills and abilities, which means they learn at different paces and styles. With online education platforms like Vedubox Tutor, instructors can prepare learning paths for each student in a customized and flexible order.

For example, you can add various questions and learning materials to the learning path. This allows for more interactive and effective lessons.

Use Virtual Whiteboard

It is recommended to use different modes of presentation during lessons. For instance, a virtual whiteboard allows you to write or draw anything related to the topic.

This way, students can learn information visually or write them in their notebooks. They can also take screenshots of the whiteboard for future reference. This technique facilitates learning.

Create Secure Exams and Tests

The best LMS platforms allow you to create tests and exams for your students. Create question banks containing questions in various formats. Then, prepare online tests and exams using selected questions from the question bank.

Furthermore, Vedubox provides additional features to enhance the reliability of exams. For example, you can add invigilators during exams or request students to turn on their webcams.

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Reporting & Certification

Tracking students’ achievements in exams or progress along the learning path is an essential part of education. This way, you can intervene to explain the parts where students are struggling.

Give certificates to successful students. This method motivates all students to work harder. Additionally, they can demonstrate their expertise anytime with these certificates.


Providing online private tutoring is rapidly advancing and becoming popular. Therefore, it is essential to offer the best learning experience to attract more students’ attention.


  • using an online education platform to easily start lessons,
  • organizing meetings and lessons with high-quality audio and video,
  • creating video lessons,
  • supporting self-paced learning,
  • utilizing gamification technologies,
  • creating interactive learning paths,
  • using a virtual whiteboard,
  • creating secure online exams and tests,
  • monitoring student achievement and progress,
  • giving certificates to successful students is highly important.

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