Virtual Classroom Management

Effectively manage your virtual classroom, choose any video conferencing tool of your choice to increase interaction with your students and use it within the system.

Interactive Content and Questions

Keep your students engaged by preparing interactive content and questions through the Vedubox Tutor system.

Online Tests and Exams

Measure students' knowledge levels and automatically evaluate them using question formats such as multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, and matching.

In-Class Surveys

Conduct surveys for idea sharing and feedback during your lessons and gather students' feedback.

Online Customized Certificates

Provide personalized achievement and participation certificates to students in the online environment and distribute them automatically.

Online Library

Offer an online library to all students and participants, allowing them to access a wide range of resources and organize learning-supporting materials systematically.

Assignment and Task Creation

Assign and track assignments and tasks, monitor students' work regularly.

Advanced Reporting

Track and analyze student progress in real time with advanced reporting tool.

Measurement and Evaluation

Assess and evaluate students' performance, track their progress, and provide feedback.