For Everyone Offering Private Tutoring: Vedubox Tutor

Many instructors in different fields are opting for online platforms to provide private tutoring. This allows them to reach a much larger number of students easily and at affordable prices, creating an ideal learning environment for both the students and themselves.
Today, private tutoring is offered in various fields such as foreign language classes, online yoga lessons, and vocational training. The industry is growing steadily, and competition is increasing. Therefore, teachers need to promise a learning space that sets them apart for their students. While offering face-to-face private tutoring brings significant earnings for teachers, it also comes with additional burdens. Providing a suitable environment when hosting students at home, the expenses of commuting to the student’s residence in terms of time and transportation are some of the challenges. When we add factors like distance and unforeseen circumstances, the increase in the number of instructors saying “I want to offer private tutoring” is not surprising. There is one system that can simultaneously solve many of the problems encountered by private tutors: online education. Although online education seems to be a method utilized by institutions, it can also be used for private tutoring. At Vedubox, we have provided the experience we gained in distance education to private tutors and developed Vedubox Tutor.

What is Vedubox Tutor?

Tutor is an online education tool developed specifically for private tutors, encompassing all the features of Vedubox. In today’s increasingly popular online education landscape, it has been built on a robust infrastructure based on the experience gained from online education. With this system, you can offer lessons not only for school subjects but also for various topics. The Vedubox Tutor page brings together everything you need to provide private tutoring, and it allows you to register and access the system.

Features of Vedubox Tutor


Permissions based on user roles

For online education to take place, there need to be several features combined. Firstly, users can effectively perform their roles through a user hierarchy. The creation of teacher and student roles means that each has different access capabilities. With Vedubox Tutor, students can only access their own information, while teachers can manage and monitor their students. Depending on the needs, user accounts can also be created for parents.

Live class and video lesson options

Online live classes and video lessons can be conducted with registered students through the system. Both options can utilize interactive technologies to enhance the effectiveness of education. Live classes can be recorded on the system and shared with students through the video library, while customized educational videos can also be uploaded to the system. You can utilize a variety of digital content development tools for this purpose.

Self-paced learning

Since every student’s learning pace is different, students can be encouraged to review topics at their own pace. With a resource library enriched with content in various formats, students can learn at their own speed. Students can access the recorded lessons later on for review purposes.

Online exams and certificates

In addition to that, online question bank and online exam features are essential components of the education process. By utilizing different question formats during lessons or at the end of the education, you can assess the students’ level of success. Vedubox Tutor can assist you with its technological features to conduct secure exams with the supervision of an invigilator or through camera monitoring. Moreover, you can create a more appealing private tutoring advertisement by providing certificates upon completion of the education.

Individual or group private lessons

The teacher, providing individual private lessons or group private lessons, can utilize all the features of Zoom, enabling high-quality audio and video transmission. For group private lessons, the teacher can divide the group into smaller subgroups to facilitate personalized activities. When students are divided into smaller groups, the teacher can navigate between groups as desired.


Vedubox Tutor offers a multitude of features for gamification, which is an important part of the educational process. It allows private tutors to define a learning path, where students can gradually work towards achieving a goal and be incentivized with various rewards throughout the process.

Secure payment and private tutoring advertisements

With Vedubox Tutor, you can create online private tutoring advertisements for the lessons you provide and securely accept payments through the system.

Why Vedubox Tutor?

If you are an educator offering private lessons in any subject, it’s the perfect time to keep up with the times. Online education has never been embraced by such a wide audience as it is now, with its sustainability and practicality. Therefore, leveraging this recognition, you can convince your students of the benefits of online education, which is more advantageous in terms of time and cost compared to in-person private lessons. Once you’ve crossed this stage, you need an online education infrastructure, and that’s exactly where Tutor comes in. So why should you use Tutor? Tutor encompasses all the features that an online education infrastructure should have. It offers live classes, a library of video or multimedia educational content, user control, an online question bank and exam feature, progress monitoring, and certification capabilities. Therefore, Tutor can cater to all your needs. Whether you are providing or aspiring to provide private lessons in any professional field, Tutor is specifically developed for you.

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